NodeScape (Diagrams)

NodeScape allows you to create diagrams in an efficient and customizable way on most any Android™ device.

It is gridless with extensive snapping and has many features: style-based customization, touch-based shortcuts for common operations, and "frames" for conveniently adding organization to your diagrams.

Additionally, NodeScape has a space-efficient user interface which leaves most of the screen dedicated to your diagram, and offers a smooth experience even on small devices such as phones.

I personally use NodeScape regularly (on a phone) for my own brainstorming and to share concepts with others; so, I'm invested in making usage as painless and flexible as possible.


See the Examples page for screenshots and sample diagrams



Extensive Snapping

Rather than going for a grid-based approach, NodeScape has been designed to rely heavily on snapping. This way, you can maintain alignment of components without being constrained to a grid.

Style-based customization

NodeScape uses styles rather than the traditional per-node adjustment+duplicate workflow (though duplication is still available). This allows flexible classification of nodes and wires that can be tweaked in groups later.

Get It

At the moment, NodeScape is in beta. This means there is still active development and there could be some bugs/glitches.

Please report major/consistant crashes via email. The built-in google-play crash reporting is very limited; and, if the crash is specific to your device, I may have no way to actually reproduce the crash and test fixes for it without your help.

Previous Version(s)

Sometimes significant portions of the code change between versions. For example, the newest release switched to some newer android features and makes more use of google's support libraries. I'll try to keep some previous versions here in case a particularly bad bug/crash gets introduced.

These can be installed from any file-manager. You'll have to enable "Unknown Sources" in your android settings.

Current Version

Free (Ad-Supported) version: Premium version:

By downloading, you agree that I'm not responsible for any harm the software does. .

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